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Too often potential customers don't listen because they don't understand why they need what you have to offer? Don't lose because you are too close to your product. We help define the "why" behind your work.



 The best organizations create cultures where leaders are trusted and innovation is enriched. Don't get trapped by creating a celebrity culture that puts a lid on your capacity as a big-impact leader.

Chad is my kind of guy, he strives to get everyone involved
— David Brown, Publisher/Cherokee Scout Newspaper

What makes us different?

It's what we call "Greater Than" leadership

We give leadership that doesn't stop with you - it keeps moving forward.

First Light Solutions knows how to multiply leaders

3 Ways For Small Business owners to engage


If you can clarify your message and bring unity to your team to the point that customer outreach is greatly enhanced and the workplace is unified, you will never consider what the cost of this workshop was.
— Stewart Senger, President/Carolina Mountain Solar

I understand what it feels like to struggle as a leader...

I have been where you are forging ahead in entrepreneurial endeavors thinking I was succeeding, only to look back and see that no-one was still following me. Ultimately, the vision had been adopted solely by me. At the time it was painful, but it wasn't until I had others invest in my capacity as a leader, that things changed. As with any leader, we cannot give what we haven't first received. Through proven leadership tools that have changed many lives, I empower small business owners to realize your potential and tap into your teams capability. What's your dreams and next steps towards them? Don't allow the busyness of life to get in the way.